Road Trips

8 thoughts on “Road Trips”

  1. Very amusing post! Nice to know your car pool buddies.How come Lynn’s bag and your bag is same? Hers is “beige”, while yours is “olive green”, Isn’t it? (Reading previous comments paid off here :-P)


  2. SubhadipUff! Bag same hai, colours different hain. Okay?DKYep, totally! πŸ™‚LynnLove ya too, my dam-ite! Lemme know in case Dam is ever available. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


  3. SinjiniOh yes, she is very lucky! πŸ˜€AmiyaOk ok, replying. Something like this for you guys? Hmmm. Mujhe to kabhi koi offer nahi karta ki mere baare mein likhein. Anyway. Let’s meet soon and I shall write with fresh insights. :PComing to T’s for mehandi na?


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