8 thoughts on “Fragments”

  1. I considered the fact that you are a Virgo, and you cannot take criticism well… but then, I decided to criticise since it might value add. So, here goes:I think you will breathe easier if you are not over critical of people who cannot get your name spelling / pronunciation right. Your name just happens to be very common, and there are ways to spell / say them… so why worry so much about it. I don't think it changes your value in human society in any way. 95% of all non native-Bangla speakers get my name wrong 95% of the time… if I started worrying about them… I would be a real worried man! Heck… sometimes, I get my name wrong!You can't be 23 if you still act like 13! It's not that important, trust me.Yours two-cent-fulySubhadip Purakayastha


  2. Subhadip,Point taken. I can try for future, let's hope it works.But I'd still say it does not mean I am acting like a 13-year old. I'm happy for you that u save yourself tension by not bothering. However, my family name lists high on my identity and I do not like seeing it the way people mess it.No, not angry. Had just not had the time to come online.Karan,Hey! Firstly, thanks for leaving a comment. And secondly, thanks for leaving such a nice comment. Felt nice seeing it in my inbox. 🙂


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