The Unknown Anxiety

You know that feeling that comes before you’re about to get sick? The nauseous build-up before the storm-like expulsion of everything that the body rejects. That feeling began this afternoon, except that it wasn’t physical. It was something inside. It made me want to curl up in bed, but left me way too anxious and … Continue reading The Unknown Anxiety


I recently started working for a pharmaceutical company. It is changing some of my perceptions and I am on an overwhelmingly steep learning curve. What struck me today though is a different lens on some of my life’s defining periods – all of which were healthcare-related. Firstly, I had asthma during my childhood and teen … Continue reading Health(y)


My recent trip to India got me thinking about mainstreaming. It began with the hardcore, pendu Punjabi songs which have spread like an epidemic. I wonder how and when people in Delhi became so Punjabi that they started listening to songs that are hard to understand and don’t even sound good. I thought it was … Continue reading Mainstreaming