Morning sickness

There exist way too many clich├ęs in the business of becoming and being pregnant. If FRIENDS misled audiences on how embryo transfers work, the average conversations around pregnancy & related ‘morning sickness’ are equally inaccurate. I became pregnant and learned that fatigue impacts every single pregnant person. Nausea and sickness may or not accompany that … Continue reading Morning sickness

One day at a time

That was the theme of 2021 for me. Almost every aspect of life worked on that principle. One might think it made me learn and adapt, but I continued to struggle. Lack of clarity and ongoing uncertainty took their toll. I couldn’t plan my career, wellbeing, travel, family visits, or day-to-day things. Of course, life … Continue reading One day at a time

Fair balance

This morning I received an unexpected phone call that filled my heart and made it ache at the same time. Love, nostalgia, drama, fun, laughter, expletives, and the part of me that’s loud, crass and hidden somewhere. It was all there with the achy feeling that is being physically away from some people. I just … Continue reading Fair balance