16 years

I had hoped to have written a book by now. And be on a television interview. Be a CEO (of an unbeknown entity). And a celebrity. The wishes didn’t really add up. But it didn’t matter. They were wishes that kept future-gazing interesting and worth indulging in. Here we are. Tired, at the end of … Continue reading 16 years

Maggi memories

That first one of Maggi in the school tiffin box. Cold and lumpy. It had a unique taste of its own. The one that Mata ji made – on afternoons while mum and dad were at work. I insisted too much and she gave in but it always tasted really weird. I think she ‘secretly’ … Continue reading Maggi memories

Morning sickness

There exist way too many clich├ęs in the business of becoming and being pregnant. If FRIENDS misled audiences on how embryo transfers work, the average conversations around pregnancy & related ‘morning sickness’ are equally inaccurate. I became pregnant and learned that fatigue impacts every single pregnant person. Nausea and sickness may or not accompany that … Continue reading Morning sickness