Them Teachers

I was a teachers’ pet in school. I tried to get that status in college and post-grad too, but had limited success there. That didn’t stop me from being in love with certain teachers who I thought were inspiring or added significant value to my life by sharing their knowledge and perspective. I had similar … Continue reading Them Teachers


When blacking out and falling to the ground, I was judging myself for being dramatic. When being hysterical after an emotional setback, I was still judging myself for being dramatic. When being informed of my husband’s father passing away, I was judging myself for being dramatic and crying. While I see him trying to bounce … Continue reading Awareness

Easter 2020

It has been a remarkable weekend in several ways. Firstly, COVID-19, our generation’s World War. It’s no irony that C and I started watching The West Wing this weekend, and four episodes in Josh talks of the next big threat to the world – an epidemic not dissimilar to smallpox. “If one hundred people in … Continue reading Easter 2020


I’ve been finding myself in conversations where I struggle to define myself. “I feel comfortable in London even if I am an outsider. I don’t see anyone like myself in the office and find it hard to keep up with the context and culture that’s natural for the others.”   Today I took a personality … Continue reading Lost