This thing, cooking

I said to C, “I don’t have anything that gives me pleasure as football or cricket do to you”. He said, “well, you enjoy dancing at weddings”. My mother was clear that cooking need not be on my list of things to learn, even if I whiled away my late teens Orkut-ing. She did offer … Continue reading This thing, cooking

Dhan te dan!

My fairy tale girl is getting married today. I feel a combination of joy and peace thinking about it – which is the best thing I can do from 5,000 kms away. I keep many lists, one of which is of names of people whose weddings I intend to attend in person. Alas, COVID-19. To … Continue reading Dhan te dan!

Back at the desk

It took me two months and two days to come back and sit at the desk I was at when I was informed I’d been made redundant from my job. In this time I didn’t have the luxury of not looking for other jobs, nor did I feel strong enough to power through the process … Continue reading Back at the desk