Fair balance

This morning I received an unexpected phone call that filled my heart and made it ache at the same time. Love, nostalgia, drama, fun, laughter, expletives, and the part of me that’s loud, crass and hidden somewhere. It was all there with the achy feeling that is being physically away from some people. I just … Continue reading Fair balance

The last 20 days

I did this post in 2009 and then again in 2012. Nine years later, here we are again. An indulgent chocolate cake A cutie‚Äôs first birthday Job interviews A moment in the sun A trip to Kent to meet new people Gut-wrenching pain A squash win A fast Chaotic mind A new set of roses … Continue reading The last 20 days


It used to look different. We had a cemented thada (patio) that was nice and cool to sit on on hot summer evenings. It used to become a family and neighbours hub at night when there were long power cuts. During monsoons it used to be a hub for flying termites because they were attracted … Continue reading 533

The old newspaper

When a dining table was too much of a luxury, the old newspaper was spread on the bed ahead of every meal. When there wasn’t a cleaning spray and tool for every surface in the house, old newspapers and dish washing soap were sufficient to clean the cooking area every day. It also did the … Continue reading The old newspaper