My recent trip to India got me thinking about mainstreaming. It began with the hardcore, pendu Punjabi songs which have spread like an epidemic. I wonder how and when people in Delhi became so Punjabi that they started listening to songs that are hard to understand and don’t even sound good. I thought it was … Continue reading Mainstreaming

My London

I’ve never felt passionate about London because I live with someone who does. I’ll explain how that works. I find it difficult to appreciate anything that I think is over-appreciated by the people around me. The most current example of this phenomenon is that I have got down to reading Shantaram now, 15 years after … Continue reading My London


One could easily miss the sharp and narrow turn in the winding road. In fact, within metres it changed to a gravel path, with sunflower fields on the left and small homes on the right, which seemed like they’d been there for centuries. The sunflowers were a clear sign of the past two months of … Continue reading Dreamy