E is for Emma

I had tried to do an A-Z blogging challenge a few years ago. I started with listing out what I’d write about with each alphabet, but never progressed beyond D. While going through old documents, I came across that list of A-Z, where the next one due, E, was for Emma. Emma was my first … Continue reading E is for Emma

Them Teachers

I was a teachers’ pet in school. I tried to get that status in college and post-grad too, but had limited success there. That didn’t stop me from being in love with certain teachers who I thought were inspiring or added significant value to my life by sharing their knowledge and perspective. I had similar … Continue reading Them Teachers


When blacking out and falling to the ground, I was judging myself for being dramatic. When being hysterical after an emotional setback, I was still judging myself for being dramatic. When being informed of my husband’s father passing away, I was judging myself for being dramatic and crying. While I see him trying to bounce … Continue reading Awareness