Chugging along

Ejecting things like daily commute to work, making small talk with colleagues, eating out, meeting friends over coffee or drinks, and travel from life surely freed up some time in the last few months. Part of it was taken up by the need to accommodate excessive amounts of anxiety, paranoia and hand-washing. The rest of … Continue reading Chugging along

E is for Emma

I had tried to do an A-Z blogging challenge a few years ago. I started with listing out what I’d write about with each alphabet, but never progressed beyond D. While going through old documents, I came across that list of A-Z, where the next one due, E, was for Emma. Emma was my first … Continue reading E is for Emma

Them Teachers

I was a teachers’ pet in school. I tried to get that status in college and post-grad too, but had limited success there. That didn’t stop me from being in love with certain teachers who I thought were inspiring or added significant value to my life by sharing their knowledge and perspective. I had similar … Continue reading Them Teachers