[2017 reflections] # I got a new manager at work. I resisted working with him (an Indian male) when I first heard about him. But I am thankful for his influence on my mind. * He introduced himself on the phone as a problem solver. A year later it seems like an obvious fact to … Continue reading N


I have been a non-resident Indian (NRI) for four years. And that has defined a vast majority of my circumstances and actions throughout this time. Everything from my ability to vote for the British parliament to being at the receiving end of puzzled looks for pronouncing words differently from how they’re said outside India – … Continue reading NRI

Meryl Streep

I watched The Post last weekend. There are two things that I took away from that afternoon. 1. The movie began on an ordinary note and picked up at some point at the one-hour mark. And it only went up from there. 2. Meryl Streep blew my mind with her performance. I know there’s nothing … Continue reading Meryl Streep

That Struggle

For a while now I have felt the pressure of ‘showing up’ and ‘being visible’ or ‘being heard’ in professional and social settings. Some of this pressure comes from the people around me – those who are in a position to judge or offer advice – and some of it is self-imposed.  Over the years, … Continue reading That Struggle

Another year down!

The uninteresting thing about this past year is that it was part-success and part-failure. What is notable though is that I was acutely aware of the shortcomings that led to what I believe were failures, and I tussled with my mind through every moment I spent with myself to overcome what that awareness was doing … Continue reading Another year down!