Back at the desk

It took me two months and two days to come back and sit at the desk I was at when I was informed I’d been made redundant from my job. In this time I didn’t have the luxury of not looking for other jobs, nor did I feel strong enough to power through the process … Continue reading Back at the desk


On long bus rides in India, I used to sit by the window, enjoy watching the world pass by, and love the breeze in my face and hair. Anyone who watched me do that called me “a dreamer” or “someone who enjoys getting lost in their thoughts”. They always said it with that smile associated … Continue reading Mindfulness


Friday evening was scary. I thought I was experiencing a stroke. I proactively suggested to C that we needed to go to the Accidents and Emergencies centre. Again. Typically I try to talk us both out of making that hideous trip to the hospital but this time was different. My legs and arms had collapsed, … Continue reading Anxiously

No (stereo)type

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