New Life

There is so much happening every moment of every day since the last few days that this is the best I can get to capturing everything. Emotions so far: • Anxiety • Excitement • Panic • Worry • Happiness New nationalities I have interacted with: • Emirati • Chinese • Filipino  • Kiwi • Aussie … Continue reading New Life

Temme Temme!

Tell me how the blog looks. From the time when I used to change the template every two months or so, this one’s come after about three years. I am liking it. Tell me what you think about it. Of course, keeping in mind the Fuchsia context. 🙂 Continue reading Temme Temme!


This is about the last one year. The newness. The developments. The closures. The learning. The independence. The adaptations. A new me – with the old one. I am a lot more independent today than I was a year ago. It may sound obvious, but I know of people who have not experienced this change.I … Continue reading Metamorphosis