Kya Kahein!

I have been bored and restless the past few days. And now when I am thinking about it, I realise that I have not seen a movie in a month, not shopped in close to two months, and not travelled in more than three months. Obviously I am bored and restless!  I don’t have the … Continue reading Kya Kahein!


You know how people can be different in the way they look, think, act, talk, etc. My sister-in-law and I too are different in almost all respects. Especially as far as taste in shoes, clothes and bags is considered. If I drool over those big leather bags, she likes them shiny. If I like plain, … Continue reading Bling-in-Law


Who would believe that I am actually lifting a concept taught in class and putting it to use at my NGO?! SOSTAC in MBA parlance, is used for developing business plans. The only difference here is that it is not used for business. But I am really doing it!!! Hee hee… it is so funny. … Continue reading LOL!