God Blessed

It were the happiest 24 hours in the longest time I can remember. Family made me happy. And this college’s erratic bull shit worked in my favour for the first time ever. Or so it seems for now. I can’t believe a superbly filmy part of my life. I can’t believe that I see it … Continue reading God Blessed

Road Trip to Chandigarh

A trip to Chandigarh with family was on the cards for a while now. On Saturday we finally decided that the Sunday must be utilised. To meet the people mentioned here. The drive up north is nothing like the one I made through the UP highways earlier this month. NH 1, 22 and then 21… … Continue reading Road Trip to Chandigarh

Dell rocks!

I bought a Dell laptop last summer. It is still under its 1-year warranty. But this warranty is limited to basic issues, and not for any damage done to the hardware. You need to pay extra at the time of purchase for that cover. I never felt the need for it, and so did not … Continue reading Dell rocks!

Restored Sanity

It’s incredible what 7 hours of sleep after many shitty nights can do to your mood. I was happy. I was smiling. I didn’t snap, I didn’t sulk. I gave hugs, and I was happy to see most faces in the morning. I didn’t doze off in class. I listened to happy music. I didn’t … Continue reading Restored Sanity