The Pink Ball

Getting to work on sustainability affairs for my present organisation.Recently organised throwball matches for the girls of a government school adopted by us. The experience was absolutely brilliant! The 10th standard girls who won the first match Continue reading The Pink Ball

On This First Day

Day 1 at work today. I was unexpectedly anxious about it. So much so that I lost my digestion last night. The day was slow but fair. The office smells really nice. Am I happy about it or what! A drive just across the Badarpur border during so-called non-traffic hours took one hour both times. … Continue reading On This First Day

They Wanted Me!

I got over with my summer internship exactly two weeks back. And it’s time to give preferences for the internship in fall already. This one is going to be the most crucial of them all. So while doing my research, I came across Canon’s internship programme. And I swear they wanted me this past summer!! … Continue reading They Wanted Me!