And I Wonder…

You know those people who, when committed, compulsively feel the need to reiterate their love for their partner? And expect the same too? They’re a common variety, aren’t they? One of them, while playing agony aunt, pointedly asked her friend, “do you still love him?”. The friend, exasperated, said, “what is love?!”. She was stumped.  … Continue reading And I Wonder…


There was some thought behind it. It came with a lot of love, in a dirty sock, with infinite laughter. But life took such a turn that I never had the heart to take it out again. Today I did, to give it away. It aches to think about it. But I hope it will … Continue reading M

A Dedication

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but for some reason or the other I kept postponing it. But enough of that. This one is for Avantika. Or Avan as all those who love her (including me) address her. Known her for 2 years and 3 days now. We can … Continue reading A Dedication

Shady Happiness

I have been breaking into a song every couple of moments for the past few weeks now. Whatever a conversation may be about, I’d have an instant song ready to go with it. Of course, the sur-taal still choose to remain miles away from me, but thankfully words don’t desert me now like they used … Continue reading Shady Happiness