Nostalgia, eh?

Over the past two weeks I have had the word ‘miss’ flash on my Facebook and Gtalk a gazillion times. People are expressing the sentiment about college getting over via their status updates and new photo albums. Me, something somewhere has died. Or maybe I am too busy feeling other emotions to have space for … Continue reading Nostalgia, eh?


Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between real and surreal. There is a conflict between what you want to believe and what you should believe. Dr. V.V.R. Sastry taught us marketing in semester I and II. In the third semester he is taking brand management classes. Unfortunately, it is not the entire 30 hours of … Continue reading GO(o)Dness!

O Bijuria!!

God bless the creators of good music on this earth. Seriously. __ I have found my talent. My art. It is fucking up exams for subjects that I love to the core. And making sure that I never ever score well in those. In school it was biology. I cried every time I got my … Continue reading O Bijuria!!