Dates that have memories associated with them, irrespective of whether they were good or not, make me very uncomfortable these days.  Maybe it’s the age, or maybe it’s just my circle, but everyone around seems to be struggling with a change within.   How reactions to things have changed, how feelings for people have changed, … Continue reading Dated

The Romantic Life

So it rained in NCR today. Some people found the weather to be gloomy. But I loved it. It’s the onset of winter! Then later a different conversation started with a colleague about how picturesque the Pune campus was. And then the thought triggered. About how spending 13 years in the most awesome school, or … Continue reading The Romantic Life


Dreams come to you in sleep. Rather, when you stare wide into infinity. But the realisation of them takes time. It takes patience. It takes courage. It takes facing a whole lot of people who hate your guts. And it takes the kind of strength you didn’t know you have. It calls for smiling when … Continue reading Reflections