I am planning to go for a trek soon. It is a conversation I initiated with friends. It is on a route which is supposed to be easy to moderate for trekking. And it is at a time when I’d rather be out than be in Delhi.  I toss between planning next steps and chickening … Continue reading Possibly

The 12th State

My latest addition to the very slowly moving list of states that I’ve stepped foot in is Rajasthan. I know it is almost shocking that having lived in Delhi for the longest time I could never venture a couple of hundred kilometres into the west. But whadyaknow! It just happens sometimes. Finally it was Ridhima’s … Continue reading The 12th State


It was 2007 when I first ‘decided’ to go to the Taj Mahal. Subhadip then made fun of me saying that I wanted to go there because it had renewed its status in the 7 Wonders. That trip didn’t work out. Nor did any of the million others that I tried making between then and … Continue reading 16@160