Dates that have memories associated with them, irrespective of whether they were good or not, make me very uncomfortable these days.  Maybe it’s the age, or maybe it’s just my circle, but everyone around seems to be struggling with a change within.   How reactions to things have changed, how feelings for people have changed, … Continue reading Dated

Sort of Social

While colleagues complain of me not being social enough, I have happily been socialising for the past few days. The time that passed since the last time I connected with any one of these friends has ranged from six months to seven years. I have also managed to make up on some unnecessary fallouts of … Continue reading Sort of Social


The word has been ringing a bit for the past few days. In unrelated contexts: Baiju said I’m hardcore for I manage to mix drinks, be fine, and more. He thinks I can “kick ass and be a Radia if I want to”. Jayant said I’m hardcore for managing to procrastinate to the extent that … Continue reading Hardcore

The Winter Trip to Kumaon

Continuing from where I left, I was on a very tight seven-day road trip on the following route. Delhi>Bilaspur>Rudrapur>Nainital>Sitla>Mukteshwar>Almora>Patal Devi>Kasar Devi>Chitai>Jageshwar>Almora>Kasar Devi>Kausani>Mohlidhar>Ranikhet>Kathgodam>Delhi So while I was working, the little and the lot that I experienced and managed to absorb (cannot claim to explore at all) would be the following. # Sitting in the front seat … Continue reading The Winter Trip to Kumaon


Dreams come to you in sleep. Rather, when you stare wide into infinity. But the realisation of them takes time. It takes patience. It takes courage. It takes facing a whole lot of people who hate your guts. And it takes the kind of strength you didn’t know you have. It calls for smiling when … Continue reading Reflections