I was on a flight from Patna to Delhi. Large part of the sector had a view of the Himalayas. I had been on the route last year and craved to be closer to the mountains. Having the same view this time gave an exceedingly satisfying feeling. Of having done it. I really will never … Continue reading Recently


Chashme ke bina nahi dikh raha. “Familiarity breeds contempt.” “In the long run we are all dead.” I had forgotten your smell. They never need to see me or talk to me to know that I am happy.  Sooner or later loose ends do get tied up. Just when I was beginning to feel that … Continue reading Offload!

All Yours.

A friend of 14 years is getting married. A friend with whom I once shared the concept of soulmate is getting married. A friend decided to get married but unfortunately the relationship ended right after she got engaged. A friend/classmate from a few years ago is also getting married. And so is another close friend. … Continue reading All Yours.


Today I reached the next level of health-related crap. My dentist made me a case study for his resident students. Must tell you it does not feel funny to lie in the dentist’s chair and have more than one people looking into your mouth! 😐 Apparently I have teeth of a 40-year-old. Yet again, for … Continue reading Gaah!!