A commonly-expressed thought crossed my mind early this past weekend. Freedom is inside, they say. I pondered over it for a while and thought I agreed. And then I took a morning flight to Bangalore. I landed on time, the city greeted me with delightful weather, I had a Sub while I waited for Karan … Continue reading Freedom

The 12th State

My latest addition to the very slowly moving list of states that I’ve stepped foot in is Rajasthan. I know it is almost shocking that having lived in Delhi for the longest time I could never venture a couple of hundred kilometres into the west. But whadyaknow! It just happens sometimes. Finally it was Ridhima’s … Continue reading The 12th State


It was 2007 when I first ‘decided’ to go to the Taj Mahal. Subhadip then made fun of me saying that I wanted to go there because it had renewed its status in the 7 Wonders. That trip didn’t work out. Nor did any of the million others that I tried making between then and … Continue reading 16@160

Road Trip to Amritsar

My brother and his wife had planned a two-day trip to Golden Temple, Amritsar right after the wedding. But something got into them and they asked all cousins on both sides to accompany them. They insisted, and the party got extended by two more days. We were 20 people in four cars ready to drive … Continue reading Road Trip to Amritsar