I am rarely in a position to say that I had a good week or a month, and this is one of those rare moments. After a series of supremely frustrating weeks, I had a week through which I felt good at all times. Work and social life, both, have suddenly picked up. The weekend … Continue reading Action!

I went to Goa

I had a vague plan for this trip, and I didn’t go by it at all.Some things, some thoughts… I rode pillion on a bike. I let the wind make a mess of my hair. I didn’t mind the rain. The green reminded of days when I used to obsess about the colour. Pina coladas … Continue reading I went to Goa

Climate Change

The past few weeks have been rather busy at work. Busy; and disillusioning too. And the situation had become such that I was beginning to stare into a complete burnout. The neck could not bear the strain. All my issues against the system came to the fore. The works.  I declined an opportunity to get … Continue reading Climate Change