Long Read

2016. The year of Brexit. The year of Trump. The year of proxy wars. The year of ugly politics the world over. Another year of irreparable damage to nature. The generations to come will have a lot to study about this year. Whatever form our species takes in the coming centuries will also have much … Continue reading Long Read

Year in Review: Part V

And here is the final list of 2015 highlights – some things new and some things old: ~ It was established that I absolutely love weddings, especially our desi Bollywood-y ones~ I printed and framed photos for my new home~ Did a special photo shoot and created a photo book from it for a friend’s farewell~ Attended … Continue reading Year in Review: Part V

Year in Review: Part IV

Here’s some more new experiences from 2015: ~ Started running~ Slept more than I did in the last five years~ Got married~ Received a lot of gifts~ Put together a coffee table book of my travel experiences~ Got added to eight new permanent Whatsapp groups~ Of course I put all my Whatsapp groups on mute~ Saw graffiti in Berlin~ Saw horses running in … Continue reading Year in Review: Part IV

Year in Review: Part III

OF NEW EXPERIENCES… ~ Watched the brilliance that was the musicals, Matilda and Wicked~ Kissed under the glittering Eiffel Tower~ Did salsa in a pub with more than a handful of onlookers~ Became a Monopoly pro!~ Experienced the autumn colours~ Made my first real make-up buy~ Bought a real winter jacket~ Got active on Instagram~ Watched cabaret in Paris~ Stayed up all night to … Continue reading Year in Review: Part III