AB Again

11 thoughts on “AB Again”

  1. yeah i agree with subbu sir, it was like agnipath revisited in later part of the movie but AB was awesome in the movie……..he did well….


  2. SinjiniIt is a good movie. For me it was worth the money spent (I’m not saying that only because I am a big fan of Abhishek Bachchan!).WoodsmokeYaaaar…kya touchy topic chhed diya. I’ve been stopping myself from writing a post about that.But as long as he’s happy, I’m fine. I’m just hoping (although I don’t think it would happen) that he continues with all his naughty-shaughty flirting in his interviews, etc. :(How’s Manasi handling the news?


  3. Just shows how well To-be-Ms Bachan rai has acted… even you have given your approval.Something to thing about- the only time Ash has has such good chemistry with any other actor was, i think, salman khan. Apparently Joey’s theory doesn’t work.


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