I want it all!

12 thoughts on “I want it all!”

  1. I too want THAT letter. Don’t need a new wallet, some money would help though.Nah…sleep is boring.Umm…ok…might want a new fragrance. I never loan out CDs, books, etc. I want to run away from some of my books…yes. Yes, I need a new pair of jeans too.I want Delhi. What kind of direction?Hmmm…Neither planting trees nor playing with kids gives me much pleasure…so you can have both of them. Aah Indian Ocean. Gods!I usually don’t buy anything superfluous…and certainly not here. Way too expensive!I want every dumb person to shut up forever. No, no, I never want to stop thinking.Enjoyed your post…gave me something to think about and answer. Thanks.


  2. Swetank🙂Mandir ja raha hai na roz? 😀Thanks.BhaskarThanks.. 🙂WoodsmokeYou cannot possibly be talking about THAT letter coz it’ll be no good for you.hehe… I’m sorry…I wouldn’t be able to help you with that.Sleep is niiiice. I got a LOT of it last night.Okay…I’ve stopped it too. Bloody chors! :|Good.Good again. :-)Aa jao.Of life.Hmmm…Thank you. :-)Gods they are!! I keep flowers in my room but could definitely not buy them when something like one rose costed Rs 50.And other things are all inflation-related. I’m concerned as an Eco student. :PYes yes!I like taking breaks.Enjoyed your comment. Thanks. Rohit:-)Of course you don’t want to run away from books. You’re not studying things that make you want to kill the writers. 😐


  3. Not the letter so much or a new fragrance or jeans or directions (heck what do they mean to me) so I want sleep, a break from Delhi and Indian Ocean. Bandeh. I fall out of love with many songs but not this one. Not yet, and it’s been a long time. And I just realized that my comment stopped being relevant to your post about 30 words ago.


  4. I want to see you getting good sleep somewhere outside delhi, with the letter in one of your hand, and you in your blue jeans, only afta you are done talking to your friend oh yeah, while your relatives are busy listening to Indian Ocean on your behalf :PAMEN!!!


  5. AmiyaNo, it’s not irrelevant.And Bandeh! Loooove the song yaar. And it also reminds me of Srinath. :PAnd yeah, I made the change in my mind. 🙂Arz000nWow! Just the thought of what you’ve suggested is incredible. Wooow! Only, I think I’ll take Indian Ocean on record with me. The relatives wouldn’t even be able to appreciate them. 😀


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