Finding The Silver Lining

7 thoughts on “Finding The Silver Lining”

  1. Congratulations on the completion of 21 days at work. Mood swings somehow always manage to hit the days work is at its peak, so…kamar kass le. :)And I am going to Google Images now to see what kind of flowers gerberas are. Do not be amused with my cluelessness.


  2. What about orange gerberas? They’re always so bright. :)And yeah, these names are always confusing. I can still recall that Hummer was a Smashing Pumpkins song though. 😀


  3. WoodsmokeHmmm…kamar kasni hi padegi. :)Not amused but I’m sure if you did Google it you must have recalled that they’re quite common here. Right?DKPictures? I’m too tired! :DWoh jo bahut saare colours mein aate hain…sab florists ke pass hote hain aur sunflower type petals hoti hain.Fbd-Ggn to avoid MG Road. It’s a much longer route distance wise but people say that they spend almost an equal amount of fuel whichever route they may take ‘coz the jam on MG Road ends up levelling it.SubhadipYes, today was much better and you know all about it. 🙂RohitYeah, orange ones are great too, but one type at a time na. :)Hehe….But I was talking about the car. 🙂


  4. Uh ohhh…the first line of my latest post reads exactly the same way. I’m changing it right now.But, I guess it’s more because a bad day at work affects everyone the same way. 😦


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