Pardon Me (?)

13 thoughts on “Pardon Me (?)”

  1. I’m glad the head doctor assures me that there’s nothing wrong. Yet. And you reeeeeeally wanted a comment, didn’t you – every single para ends with a question! It’s like “bolo logon, kuch toh bolo”!! So here I speak.I still prefer Google Reader.I’m kinda not in the mood for chocolate… err yeah, I did say that.Which novel was it?It must be you, if not your phone!Hmm, you can marry an IIM grad maybe. Or how about that rishta guy?I’d rather sponsor a trip for myself, I desperately need one too!I’m telling you, the computer never hurt anyone. People just need an excuse to keep me from spending hours working at mine.How does the floral skirt lead to you killing yourself?? Or is it the florality of it that’s killing? Why did you buy it then? Is it because you’re dying of some strange laughter-giggle-more-laughter-at-unfunny-things disease that you seem to be suffering from, RIGHT NOW AS YOU TALK TO ME ON THE PHONE?? IS IT??I’m glad there’s nothing wrong with you. Yet.


  2. AmiyaYes, yet.Haan, I wanted a comment. The average number of comments had been reducing with every passing post. :PI prefer GR too.Baby, it’s dark chcolate. From Hyatt’s bakery. Still don’t want it? :DIt was The Fountainhead.It’s NOT meeeee!!!No, if I marry a rich guy the marriage won’t last (according to you guys!). You wouldn’t want me to go through all that, would ya? :(Then we’ll go together, ok. Use some of your Ecosoc sponsor-searching talents.I thought we were talking about me and my back and my computer.Look, I was averse to all chics. And now that I have bought such a skirt, and done many other chic-like things, my old self would have liked to kill myself. But then I wouldn’t kill my laughing-giggly self now, would I?Yes, absolutely nothing is wrong with me. Yes.


  3. blogroll still works ?????airtel doesnt suck, atleast its been working fine for me for past 4-5 yrs……u can courier the cake to me…..u still have to give me the treat….well even an IIM degree wont help u in buying at 65 lakh 2 bedroom home… of stats….emi for 90% loan amnt would be arnd 60K…….. 😦 maybe having a iim educated spouse along with ur iim degree will help 😀


  4. I’ve concluded that dreams about having a lot of money are a waste of time. One should ideally think about looting a bank. Because otherwise, no one either wants to take one in a good job without a fucking IIM, or the IIMs have ugly admission rules. So be it. Mofos. Plus, people tell me its all about luck, you’re not even 21… oh please go and buy yourself a beer, I am not interested.So, which bank, er anyone?And, Hutch has been very good to me in fact. Its just your area, perhaps. 😛


  5. Oh and by the way, I finished a 620 page book in two days. Ha. Trip? Anytime. Once I successfully loot someone, I would to leave it all and RUN to another city or country. Village bhi chalega.Anyway, nice post.


  6. GR is great! And if all providers suck, there could be a problem elsewhere. Is your house shielded or something? Or maybe your parents have installed a mobile jammer (:-P)Nine consecutive days of chocolate; extra fifty calories everyday won’t be enough to cover it! You need a stricter gym instructor.


  7. AmiyaIt’s J’s turn today. Bugging him on GTalk. 😛DKApparently. Although, it had not been working for several months.This is not fair. It works fine for my dad too. Mujh hi se dushmani hai. Hmph!Cake thodi courier hota hai. Aapko in person treat denge. Bas ab thodi aur delay ho jayegi. You should have utilised my naukri wale din. :PAnd yes, that is a very good idea. So if I get into an IIM, I shall find a good guy there itself. That should work out. 😀RohitProfound conclusion. Please decide soon on which bank you’ll loot. I am willing to help with some strategising in return for a decent share.Aur tu village mein nahi reh payega. You know that they are usually hot(without power) and dusty. Just find another country. That’ll be best for you. And well, what do I say about Hutch. They had the network but not one person knew how to talk to women or customers. They’re the real mofos.SubhadipYes, GR is great!Not a mobile jammer, but I do think that my house is shielded or something. Maybe the Britishers did something before they left. These walls are crazy!And puhlease! I do not need a stricter gym instructor. I believe in eating whatever I want to, and just burning as much as I can. Faltu tension lene ka shauk nahi hai mujhe. I see enough “health conscious” freaks around me. Silver MistThank you hai ji. :-)Trip, don’t talk about it. I don’t see one happening anytime in the near future. And you have exams too! :(Oh yeah, pretty skirt man. And 50% discount too. 😀


  8. aaaaaah it’s been so long since i’ve had chocolate house has absolutely pathetic connectivity. or maybe it’s just airtel. :-pand hey i bought a floral skirt too!!! white with pink flowers. 😀


  9. RohitYes, they are much better and I do like Airtel because of that. But what to do about connectivity. :/TaniaJust re-read your last story where you threw away your HCF. Maybe you shouldn’t have na? :DI think it’s Airtel too. :POh hey…mine is white and purple flowers. 😀


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