Till The Light Turns Green

7 thoughts on “Till The Light Turns Green”

  1. hmm i think its a good concept…..it will make this city lil more pedestrian friendly….abt how it works :-u press that button and wait for 1 min (it doesnt turn red at same moment). After pressing the button, the timer starts and it also send out a voice alarm as 1 min comes to close, then light turn red for vehicles for a minute and u can cross ……..this is good concept but it wont work at intersection of roads….but at stand alone crossing points like rajpath, jnu where its installed, it will do good for people….


  2. ReetaYou first! :DHehe. Yaar aise negative kyun hote ho. Bolo hum chalayenge is concept ko. 🙂DKYeah, I tried it and noticed that it doesn’t turn red immediately. But voice alarm? Didn’t hear that. Even if it works at stand alone crossing points also it’ll be great. A big example would be near my house next to Dilli Haat. It’s almost impossible to cross that road sanely.


  3. Hope this thing works, though I doubt it. You’ve already had a kinda bad incident (the auto wallah) with this thing, haven’t you. Delhi drivers. Pff.


  4. AmiyaHmm. I hope so too. But today only a friend of mine told me that it works in Chandigarh. Near all school. And you’re fined if you don’t stop at these signals.


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