BLAHing Away

6 thoughts on “BLAHing Away”

  1. Sometimes… going blah without having much to say is fun (that’s what I seem to be doing… writing a comment here :D)… but you know what… nose-leaks are curable.. dunno much abt the song.. so can’t say… Kishore & Lata are always cool!As far as gtalk goes… it’s a bad addiction…jumpy dancey mood.. something like shimmying down a road?Now, lemme stop ‘blahing’ before the comment length exceeds the post’s.


  2. Oh yeah, Lata and Kishore rock. But not as much as Asha and Kishore, or Lata and Rafi.Life really is blah. Thank God I have a busy week at work coming up.


  3. BTW.. someone really doesn’t like cuss words.. it’s just that some people earn them!Oh, and thanks for the clarification abt weekends… otherwise i’d have lived a life mired in ognorance.. šŸ˜€


  4. Lonely WandererOh yes, it’s a lot of fun. (And I think it’s another addition to the list) šŸ™‚ And yes, very much like shimmying down the road. You might want to check my records with these moods. :PAisa hai, there are always people who earn them. The dogs, the bitches, and the *beep*s. You probably happen to meet less of these as compared to me. :DAnd you’re always most welghum. šŸ˜€JayantOh, I didn’t mean Lata & Kishore together. Them along with Asha, Rafi and everybody. :)How was the Monday?


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