Khoya Khoya Chand

16 thoughts on “Khoya Khoya Chand”

  1. Oh my goddddddddd I’ve been going SO nuts over this song ever since I first heard it about two weeks back. Been raving to everyone about it! Absolutely madly in love with it. Tried downloading it too but I couldn’t find it online, could you? Oh and the word is “phiraakh” – one word, not broken. 🙂


  2. Oh yeah, it’s the Swanand Kirkire / Shantanu Moitra duo again. Very nice song! I am not writing anything nasty like “I guess everything sounds nice to you these days” 😛


  3. AmiyaHave I told you earlier that I TOTALLY love your comments? About 20% of the life on this blog is thanks to you. And you have been away for SO long!! :|But I’m just glad you’re back – from dumb exams, and from supercool vacations! Now you better be regular again.Will mail you the song. And what does phiraakh mean? I thought it is broken ‘coz aakh is a word used in Punjabi too…it means ‘intezaar mein’. Muah! 🙂B. O’HemianOh yes, the duo again!! And you know what, you did write some nasty words. But along with everything sounding nice to me, very few things put me off too. So aapko maaf kiya gaya. 😛ShadyHaan, aur aapko to kuch bhi sunai nahi deta hai. Haina? :PElucidate hum offline karenge. 😀


  4. Thanks a LOT for mailing the song, I’m listening to it right now and loving it!And yes, the ughy exams have kept me away too much, I’m back now 🙂 Will make up for all the missing comments too.And I thought the word firaakh is the same as talaash, or being in the pursuit of something… but apparently there’s a lot of discussion going on about it, check out this IMDb board:


  5. See… exactly my point… sab kuchh maaf karne ka mann karta hai… yeh sab positive side effects hai :-)And about Airtel / Vodafone network, the less said the better. Give my idea of two-way radio set a thought.


  6. AmiyaYou’re most welcome. :-)Good that you’re back!! :)Haan, the word has to mean something like that only. Tabhi to wahan fit hoga. Could not access this link though…I registered too. 😦 Kya likha hai wahan?B. O’HemianTo aapke liye fayedemand sabit hua na ye positive side effect. :-)Two-way radio set? Hmm…chalo aaj propose karte hain. 😀


  7. i love the song too………its quite different from usual stuff…..the other songs of the movie are also nice (khoya khoya chand)btw its urdu word firaak…….


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