5 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. Well, some days turn out to be really frustrating. But, usually, the day after the frustrating day is quite satisfactory. So, I hope that today has been and will be a great day for you!:-)In my case, it doesn’t matter whether I am sitting in a cold room or a hot room. My hands, feet and nose always seem to be cold! Moreover, one of my ears remains hot and the other cold!


  2. And I love that pic on Flickr. Fantastic, it is, absolutely.Hope tomorrow and the days after that aren’t so crappy. And hope you receive the confirmation soon ya, this has got to be sucky.I’m liking this winter so far. Just the right amount of cold for me!


  3. Sorry to hear that… but I am sure, things are better now. Yoda speak: Enjoyed to be, some things (like weather) are, whatever the condition. Fight, you shouldn’t, where you can’t win.


  4. SinjiniYes, the next day was really really nice. Thanks. :-)Oh, even I used to have that one-hot-ear problem when I was younger. Uh, used to feel like my ear’s releasing smoke. Hope it gets better with time for you too. πŸ™‚AmiyaThanks!! :DConfirmation nahi aayi yaar. I’ll have to call them.So how’re the winters post yesterday? πŸ™‚ It was quite cold…B. O’HemianUmm, things are pretty much the same, but the mood is certainly under control. And I don’t know if Luke ever talks like this, but she totally loves Yoda and his words!! :))Thanks.


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