7 thoughts on “Phases”

  1. “… I didn’t take a bath, ‘coz it was just another holiday…”Does that mean you don’t take a bath on holidays?Cheer up! There’s a funny side in every story, no matter how grim! Think about your parents being interested in the highly cerebral MTV Roadies.. !!!


  2. Hehee…On a lot of them. But since nowadays almost every day is a holiday for me, I don’t quite encourage the habit. :DAnd yeah, I’m ok. Just the idleness making me weird. 🙂


  3. DKHardly any. They started loving it because of the audition episodes which they found hilarious. Now they just enjoy whatever they get to watch. 😀


  4. Haha, your parents watch Roadies! :DListen, you better put up here that video now, it’s been mentioned and discussed too often for us (me) not to be curious about it any longer.Oh crap, what piercing did you wanna get? And how did that get screwed up??And cheer up, physiotherapy and all (if you doing that?) can make lower back problems much better. I’m sure you’ll be able to travel all you want and more 🙂


  5. When I completed typing my post last night, I thought of giving the title “Phases” to it, but then I changed my mind and titled it as “A bad phase”.:-)And I agree with Subhadip Da that there is a funny side in ur story.:-)


  6. AmiyaYea, they enjoy it too. :-)We talked about the video, shall do something about it soon.I wanted to get more piercings in my ears. But one of the two that I got last year remains infected half the time. And that’s probably because he didn’t do it right. It’s kinda tedha. So now I’m afraid that others might also end up being like that one. :(Physiotherapy didn’t help much yaar. It’s just the weather that’s making things better now. Winters get really nasty. But travel is risky stuff any which way.Let’s see. 🙂SinjiniHmm, I read your post. I’m glad it was ‘A’ bad phase and is now over. Hope you’re having fun now. 🙂


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