Bullet Again

5 thoughts on “Bullet Again”

  1. Oh, my favourite bullets 🙂 After a fairly long time, no?I like you with long hair! Please, keep them long.I’m sure all the cats in the world are grateful :)What are you reading these days?And I always feel soooo happy inside when someone uses the lovely label & archive & filter facilities Gmail gives. God bless you. My labels are even nicely colour-coordinated 🙂 I wish more people would use it, I’m willing to do it for them… just use them, please.What’s this calendar like? Artsy craftsy han 🙂 I want to see.You still haven’t got a response from Pearson?! Oh man.What addictions?


  2. Gmail filter / archive: yay yay 🙂 btw, my inbox is always empty!Us Garfield ne to emotional kar diya hai!”My nasal spray is going to expire soon” – hmm, what would we do without these vital pieces of information!?!


  3. RohitI don’t know if it will be fun to not get them.Amiya:-)I am keeping them long for at least another month. :)I’ve just started The Last Don by Mario Puzo.Hehee… Mine are colour-coded too. Pretty orange for comments on this blog. :)And let’s put up ads for the services you’re offering. Theek hai?Calendar I’d made with my own photos na, remember I wrote about it? Aur dekhne ke liye to meri coke party ka invitation accept karna padega.Yaar Pearson is very lame. They did respond then, but now it’s some new drama.Addictions of keeping my legs on the computer table and keyboard on my laps while browsing. Addictions of waking up late and sleeping even later. And several more. 🙂B. O’HemianAap hi se seekha hai. So you can type in some more yay!s. :)But my inbox can never be empty. There are thousands of emails. But I did archive a HUGE chunk of them too.:P Shayad.Tabhi to disclaimer diya tha bhai. Samjha karo warna systems crash ho jaate hain. 😛


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