this time that year

7 thoughts on “this time that year”

  1. Ok…. I am sorry to hear about your nose condition, and hereby take back the nickname I gave you – Nose Aunty.A year of decent boyfriend – congrats to that. Many happy returns of the day.Thanks for remembering us in the now gone last para. Get well soon.


  2. i am extremely sorry for this post with terrible punctuation, but i happen to be lying on my bed as i type with 2 fingers. i need to sleep but there is a strange, unsettling feeling that i am experiencing.This line should’ve come right at the top. I thought there was something wrong with my reader. 😛


  3. SubhadipAnd you’re certainly not sorry for spelling that name out here. Or are you? :)Thank you for the wishes. 🙂RohitWell, yea.And well, NO.ButterflyThank you. 🙂JayantHahaa… I am so sorry! 😛


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