6 thoughts on “Mayhem”

  1. Raise our voices for what?For fear that we might be the victims of bomb blasts? If that is so, its useless. Nobody cares for our fears…We must stop fearing because if we are destined to be victims,we will be. If we are destined to leave this world, nobody can make us stay…


  2. I am in complete agreement with what you have written here… Unfortunately raising a voice is taken literally and everyone just wants to talk and then talk about something else once we find something else to talk about !Here is what i suggest, and I think we can do it too… Write to1. Ministry of Home Affairs ( Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of IndiaNorth Block, New Delhi – 110001Tel. Nos. 23092011 & 23092161Fax Nos. 23093750 & 230923982. The Prime Minister's Office( ask for why do they think India is such an easy target, and what are the actions they have taken to ensure that we are safe?I think the questions can be worked out, as they have to be objective in nature to be answered and its going to take time, but I have a feeling that the answers will come ! This is what I personally feel that has a potential to change, as it challenges the doers for what they are responsible for… or may be not, but I think if everyone who reads your blog, or mine, or blogs at some level or the other writes to them something will happen !!!The more difficult thing would be to make people write a letter, and “post” it after putting a stamp on it..


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