Happy to You!!

12 thoughts on “Happy to You!!”

  1. RanjanI think it’s been two months since you first told me that you will start a new blog. Do it!! NOW!!And the ode is still due too. :)Thanks for dropping by though. 🙂


  2. OM🙂 Thanks..And she surely should be. 😀SubhadipHahaa.. I was thinking of making another list – of all quirks, pet peeves, issues/non-issues, etc that have been a constant on the blog. Maybe I will. And there I will include MEOW FM too. :)Thanks.


  3. Happy 2 years to Fuchsia! 🙂 Wow, has it been that long already? And let me tell you, your “Get out of the Reader and come to my page today” line hit bulls eye and that’s what brought me here today 🙂 I seem to have lost the blog thing completely. Just log into Reader once in two weeks and go through a few posts :-/Okay, I’ll try getting back to my commenting phase, if not the blogging phase (like there was any!)…. my 2-year b’day gift to Fuchsia *drumroll* : a dedicated reader back again! 🙂


  4. ButterflyThanks. 🙂RohitThanks a ton for the wishes and for dropping by. Appreciate it. 😀Amiya*drumroll*Welcome back!!! :)Really, thanks for making the effort, and for all the wishes. As always, time flew by. I myself can’t believe it’s been two years.And I also can’t believe you’re asking about MEOW. Subhadip also did. Have written about it in my previous comment here. :)Hope to see you more often.


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