Uh oh

8 thoughts on “Uh oh”

  1. The only reason why he keeps going back and forth without rhyme or reason is because the original film (Memento by Chris Nolan) had one of the most complex screenplays ever. This is what happens when one does something completely out of their league.


  2. I am not sure if you have seen Memento, but its one of the finest EVER made… and I am not sure if I am going to watch Ghajini… Kinda scared to do it !


  3. Subhadip🙂 But SRK isn’t quite an actor.KaranMaybe I should watch Memento.OMYea, don’t watch it if you’ve seen and liked the original. It’s a completely desi film. I’m guessing you won’t like it.


  4. As if watching an aged AK with 8-packs and a fully white Jitendra-ishtyle villain was not horrendous enough, we also had to tolerate Asin and Jiah throughout the movie where all they did was play a pretty face and dance to some badly tuned numbers (leaving one). And there was AK, a millionaire business tycoon who folds his shirt sleeves to show his biceps, can’t imagine Ratan Tata or Mukesh Ambani doing the same. A new PC game for Ghajini would be released very soon, wonder how mush memory it would take 🙂


  5. I would rather say its other way round…….all those people who have taste in movies have not liked ghajini at all….I havent yet seen it but from watever i have heard, its exact copy of tamil one except last finale….if thats the case, then i dont expect much cuz tamil one was crap too……..just addinng memento premise and story telling way wont make a typical 80’s revenge drama a great film……….go through, u will like it: http://www.desipundit.com/baradwajrangan/2008/12/27/review-ghajini-2/


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