The most eventful quarter…

9 thoughts on “The most eventful quarter…”

  1. “wearing a sari every Saturday” – Ha ha, really? Sorry for laughing, but it’s hard to imagine, you know?Glad that you did some of the stuff that you did. The not so good stuff… well, c’est la vie!You know how to tell if a blog post is from a budding professional? When personal lists are also grouped in quarters!


  2. Prashant :)SubhadipArre… hadd hai!! And I never told you my sari stories? You really got saved. :PAnd well, you can’t blame me… I am in an investor relations team right now and all companies are releasing their quarterly results. :DKausik Babu,Aap aaye.. achha laga. :)But did you really have to write “click and portal” here? Seriously?!Laziness mein to hum sab barabar ke hissedaar hain. 🙂 But this was fun.


  3. Thanks to the “longer” calls I think I know what each of the pointers above refer to 🙂 No surprises this time!Except that you went a whole term without a sub! Are you out of your mind?!! Next term I’m shipping them to you.


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