Youth for Equality

2 thoughts on “Youth for Equality”

  1. India is abounding with Hindu haters (read Brahmin haters). These genocidal maniacs and freaks, driven by self-generated hatred have no use for facts and figures. Nor do they care to produce facts and figures in support of whatever comes out of their pea-sized brains. These morons would have come across scores of people in their lives. Through their miserable eyes they would have seen events unfolding every minute. They don’t want to believe what they have seen or heard. They have no interest in their own experiences of dealing with other humans. That, constitution, courts, police, law-enforcement machinery, etc exist is irrelevant to them. But what they are extremely interested in is something called “manusmriti” compiled in some unknown century. They will go on, and on and on about manu’s prescription on various issues, in particular about the necessity “to pour molten lead or oil into the ears” of some xxx person, if he had overheard the “Vedas” being recited. Not even for a minute will these morons think whether it has ever been done in the past one thousand years. They would not pause to even think whether they had themselves witnessed a “molten lead pouring” incident in the fifty-sixty years of their hate-filled lives, nor would they have asked anyone whether they in turn had witnessed such an incident. Now, let us seriously consider whether it is at all possible to indulge in a “molten lead pouring” activity. Is lead so cheap and so easily available that anyone can go and procure it? With a melting point of 327° C and boiling point 1755° C, can it be melted so easily? Are all “vedapathashalas” keeping a furnace burning perpetually to keep lead in a perpetual state of liquid form? And, how much lead can be poured into a person’s ears? But the beauty of the whole thing is that it requires a “King” to order “molten lead or oil or some other chemical” to be poured into the ears of some xxx person. For that, first we would have to appoint a King who in turn will have to appoint lakhs of people to keep track of all those supposedly not entitled to hear the “Vedas”. Appointing a King would necessarily require overthrowing the constitution, the elected governments and defeating the army and other security forces. Can all this be done? No. No. No.There are several other important facts that we must consider. In several states, “vedapathashalas” based on reservation, admit students (for priestly jobs) who are allegedly not supposed to hear the “Vedas”. Have we heard that any attempt has even been made to pour “molten lead” into their ears? If we are believe these Hindu-hating morons and imbeciles, it would seem that the Govt is actually setting up a situation for conducting the “lead pouring” activity!!! Certainly, such an activity would be an act of unparalleled cruelty!!! The other fact is that many “pundits” openly through the medium of television not only chant the “Vedas” but also explain their meanings. Their preachings/tutorials are available to the people at large. Does this activity not contradict “manu’s” alleged prescription?Another fact is, in most temples all human beings are allowed entry. They not only witness the rituals but also get to hear the “mantras/slokas” being chanted by the priests and others who know them. Have we heard or seen the “lead pouring activity” take place. Has anyone even suggested such a thing? The answer is an emphatic NO.But all such evidences are useless for the Hindu-haters.That is why we must necessarily conclude that those who quote the “molten lead must be poured” stuff are either mentally-retarded morons or suffering from dangerous levels of genocidal malice and self-cultivated hatred.


  2. Hindu haters have found the centuries-old “manusmriti” a veritable treasure house to abuse a section of the Hindus, Hinduism and the nation itself and to secure supremacist rights. But in selectively quoting from the “manusmriti” even a commonsense approach is not adopted. One wonders whether there exists any grey matter in their heads. Now let us consider the following quotation (translated into English!) from the “manusmriti” – “…If a (low-born man) mentions the name or caste of a superior revilingly, an iron pin, ten inches long, shall be thrust into his mouth (red hot).”But what are the facts?The hate-brahmin movement started (by self-proclaimed backwards) in different parts of the country nearly a century ago and is growing with nazi-like ferocity with each passing day. There are thousands of web-sites (anti-social and anti-national naturally) that glowingly eulogise such anti-social movements. The media and various other so-called “progressive” elements instead of condemning and feeling ashamed of such genocidal hate campaigns, approvingly refer to such movements as “anti-caste” movements. During the past one hundred years all kinds of illegal, anti-constitutional and derogatory ‘labels’ have been invented and pasted on the hapless victims, some of which are “upper caste”, “forward caste”, “oppressors”, “schemers”, “wily”, “Brahmin dog” etc. (Considering the above, the word “reviling” is surely a mild word!)Such sustained campaigns and the supremacist rights secured from such campaigns have denied lakhs of innocent citizens of their right to education and livelihood and has driven them out from their homes and the nation resulting in the loss of their citizenship and has caused demographic changes, like the one witnessed in Kashmir. And who has carried out such “reviling” and “revolting” campaigns? It is best left unsaid…Needless to say, the concept of “low born” is a self-proclaimed one.But, despite one hundred years of such sustained “atrocities” (euphemistically called “anti-caste” movements, which actually made “caste” the basis of governmental functioning), there is no evidence that “an iron pin, ten inches long” has been thrust into the mouths of any “low born man”!!!The “manusmriti” was supposedly compiled several centuries ago. It would be interesting to know as how many cases since then have been recorded of “an iron pin, ten inches long” having been thrust into the mouths of the so-called “low born” men?Now let us come to the issue of an “iron pin, ten inches long”. Is such a pin available in the market? Yes, we have seen iron pins one to two inches long, but ten inches? Probably, it would have to be specifically manufactured!!! Whether “manu” meant a chapathi-rolling pin we do not know!Interestingly, the thickness of the “pin” is not mentioned! Since, the thickness was not known, probably that is why there is no evidence of any pin (that too ten inches long) having been thrust into the mouths of …men!!!For that “manu” would surely have to be reborn!!! Now let us consider the quotation itself “…If a (low-born man) mentions the name or caste of a superior revilingly, an iron pin, ten inches long, shall be thrust into his mouth (red hot).”The “red hot” portion is added as an afterthought, that too in brackets! Probably, “manu” wrote it that way!!!The quotation actually conveys the impression that “an iron pin, ten inches long” should be thrust when the mouth is “red hot”!!! Probably, pre-heating is required and since the concept of pre-heating did not exist then, the ten-inch pin of indeterminate thickness was never thrust into the mouths of any men!!!


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