Movies Happen Now

8 thoughts on “Movies Happen Now”

  1. Never imagined “Pursuit of Happyness”, “Ice Age 3” and Kamasutra could be on the same list of movies!You dozed off watching “Pulp Fiction”? Seriously?


  2. Deepti,Hahaa.. aa jao. :)Subhadip,Lol!! Yaar ab movies ke naam pe eyebrows raise nahi karoge to unki categorisation pe? Ye nahi chalega. Maine koi genre of the month thodi specify ki thi! 😀


  3. And yes, I dozed off watching Pulp Fiction. But that has got nothing to do with the movie. I had dozed off while watching Pursuit of Happyness too. It's just that I start watching them at the oddest hours, and then doze off within 15 or so minutes.


  4. Pulp Fiction? Dozed off?$%@#@*!&%^@Don't waste your time on Mixed Doubles. Despite the cast, it's crap. Angels and Demons? I never even considered it. :PEternal Sunshine… however, allow me to use the word, is gorgeous,


  5. Mister R,Sorry man! I slept off a second time too. :PI know! Mixed Doubles wasn't all that great. Expected something better out of it.And I totally agree about Eternal Sunshine… it was really beautiful!!


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