5 thoughts on “Clouds or the dark side of the moon?”

  1. This was not meant to make sense to mere mortals like us, readers, was it?Oh, wait… Obscurity… clouds… dark side of the moon… umm… oh, yes… you were talking about Pink Floyd! Dark side of the moon is definitely more popular!


  2. 🙂 Come on! I am/used to be Richa Vague Bhardwaj. Mujhe allowed hai aise posts likhna. You shouldn't feel bad. Pink Floyd is good. But dark side of the moon… I'm not so sure.


  3. clouds..will soon pour..and all of it would wash away..the dark side wouldn't be dark anymore..and brightness would lead u ashore.. your eyes sparkle when u smile..keep the spark on 🙂


  4. Obscured by Clouds is one of the most amazing Pink Floyd compositions.I know this has nothing to do with this. Had a strange urge to type when I read the post.


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