Dhan Te Nan…

5 thoughts on “Dhan Te Nan…”

  1. My happy points:1) I'm enthralled to see you happy with that sparkle reflecting in your eyes..2) No camera with you..sigh.. Back to being a trotter..3 cheerz!!!3) Getting expected and yet unexpected spurts of joy like the declaration of an extended holiday ^~^


  2. # I quit my job# Dream Theater's latest album is on loop# Been sleeping over eight hours every day myself yay to happiness.


  3. its been a decently happy week1) i also made up with looots of my manipal friends who i thought hated my guys2) im in love with my new keypad on my new laptop…life is all words again at a fast pace3) im gettin better at cooking which i KNOW will come handy some day…next up, aloo gobi ki sabji


  4. Ranjan,You thought people could dislike you?Oooh… I know the feeling of a new keypad. The words just keep flowing. It's awesome. Congratulations! :-)And you cook too? Man! I know too many guys now who enjoy cooking. Why don't you guys take over officially?


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