My Gods

7 thoughts on “My Gods”

  1. i feel depraved when i read to find none of the GODS u mentioned..have descended down to teach us this year..And yeah..I know AS was different when u were in the first year..but for us..he has changed..He is my GOD here..i rate him above all..whom I've met till now.. 🙂


  2. Dr. Sane and Azhar Khan will come in sem II. Don't lose hope there. But isn't Kavitha Iyer teaching you guys? That's sad! And what about Madhok. He took classes with you guys. As far as A.S. is concerned, I know you love him. A lot of my batchmates do too. I didn't have anything against him, just that one not-so-fine day it changed. 🙂


  3. whirl..whoosh..scrolling back the memory lane..yup..i recall Sujoy Sir had taught us..he was simply amazing..but then.. all Good things in my Life..have a tendency to vaporize too soon :)Intellectual equivalent of AS and my only possible solace in the world of advertising..Dear Kavita Iyer..


  4. aah..AS in his certain elements..wish I never encounter that..Ankit Desai..NDTV Imagine..erm .yeah..hmmm :DI adore Joel Pannikot..but then I wish he taught us Management than just corp. life skills(which OUR batch surely needs :P)


  5. Oh, you have somebody nice for corporate lifeskills? You guys are lucky there then. This was our first class in first sem, and a horrendous lady greeted us with extremely strange sessions.


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