Head Rush

6 thoughts on “Head Rush”

  1. Me loves them mangoes, I would have gladly paid 150 for that mango…and then starved for the rest of the week! Lol!The aroma of mangoes and the taste is HEAVENLY!!!!!!!! Oh Lord how much I miss the mangoes…haven't had a decent mango out here in the past 10 years! 😦 You buy one and then keep guessing as to how it would turn out to be!I also buy my weekly supplies of bananas every weekend…my lunch is a banana and a cup of tea!!!!


  2. Hehee… well, when all your expenses centre around food, starving yourself for a week is a big big deal!But 10 years?! :O I can't imagine what that must feel like. Now that's a healthy lunch! 🙂


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