The Prediction

6 thoughts on “The Prediction”

  1. Haha… maybe you could look at me as a thinking, analytical, passionate, and loyal person and consider recommending me for a job somewhere!! 😀


  2. Fibonacci is quite cool, actually! A pity, it did not work out!I too, was under the opinion that the Daredevils were going to get to the semis this time. Koi nahi, just take a look at the team I root for =p


  3. Err… looked more like a arithmetic progression to me. Anyway, too bad it didn't work. I was rooting for KKR, which, of course is the most mathematically stable team in all IPLs. 6th / 8th (last) / 6th… the only team not to make it to the semis in three tries… you know how I feel?


  4. YA..DD's did dissappoint..big time…bloody chokers… and the RJ's don't let me forget.. they keep blabbering the loss over and over again…really really bugged…


  5. PC,:(Subhadip,Ha.. yes, I guess I know how you feel. :)Aro,Hmm.. even more bugging are the two teams that reached the finals. I was hoping for a final between RCB and DC. :-/


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