Nivea Ugh Deo!

5 thoughts on “Nivea Ugh Deo!”

  1. I started to comment on this with a mention of another stupid Ad I hate. But then soon realized that the comment might turn out to be bigger than your post. So thought.. hey why not post it on my blog! So thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Oh by the way, have mentioned your post in the credits on my post (see, I want people to know that I'm made to think all the crap I think hehe)


  2. Just realized I haven't seen TV in almost a fortnight! And now I want to see the ad! Well, come to think of it, there are many stupid and yucky ads out there.


  3. Puneet,On my way to your blog! :-)Jas,Yea, there are a lot of crap ads out there!Ranjan Atreya,Unfortunately, I will have to claim acquaintance with your world. Better not come up with such shit.. telling you in advance!! :)Subhadip,Yes yes… LOT of stupid and yucky ads!


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