A Year of Lessons

4 thoughts on “A Year of Lessons”

  1. # Bonded with a stranger through a night and felt like I could spend the rest of my life with him. I was drunk.# People I sanely wanted to keep for life decided otherwise.I just feel nice reading you. It sometimes takes away the need for me to write a lot of things myself, you just do it for me. It's a nice alternate life for me :)Looking forward to 2011…I'm sure you are too!


  2. * Agree on the awesomest trip this exact time last year. Will sigh a lot this 31st night* Had no idea you actually went to Anjeer farm? Dude! It was HOT!* You forgot to add that you looked great on Bhaiya's wedding! (Please grow your hair back)* Panchgani and the hammer-man are legend! What would you guys do on that trip without Shoita and me :p* You can never give up on Old Monk! He is good. He is wise.And you are indeed a strong person. Period.PS: I love bullets too! πŸ˜€


  3. Priyam,Don't sigh too much. The other 10 have to do some too. :)Dude I got the anjeers without going to the farm. Didn't you? :DThank you, thank you! The hair, well, yes, I'll grow it a bit. :)Achhaaaa… bete laal, tum bolo what would you have done without me!I have given up on Old Monk. Unless you reopen Shree. πŸ™‚ for the last one.And good you love bullets! Bullets are cooool!


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