Flaky Friday

4 thoughts on “Flaky Friday”

  1. C'mon aarbee, you cant hate technology for the stupid crap microsoft creates and sells! Trust me there are better options, and replacing outlook with those, should be the first thing you do when you climb that ladder of success in record time in your organization :)Oh and about being all alone on valentine's day, ha! Us guys in pune do have an option, to be a part of the MNS/Shiv Sena gangs and let out our frustration on others! 🙂


  2. Free: ThunderbirdExpensive: Lotus Notesso it really depends, I mean once you are the Director/MD/CEO/, and you got the shareholders money to splurge, go for Lotus Notes, oh and also that Lamborghini to match that Versace dress. But if you start your own thing, its Thunderbird all the way!


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