Away From The Women’s Coach

7 thoughts on “Away From The Women’s Coach”

  1. I knew it..!! I've had the (mis)fortune of being in the middle of loads of such eye-contact-duels, and have always thought that why the heck do we guys end up making a story out of the whole episode. I bet, she didn't even notice. And then, here it is. I now know, via this cute li'l story, that the two sexes aren't unlike! Thanks aarbee, I now go staring… guilt free!


  2. Refer to the last conversation we had – my analysis about what you need (both short and long term) seems to be spot on. Maybe the title of this post should read “Life in a Metro…”


  3. Ranjan,No story, man. It does happen very often. But this guy left an impression, I guess. :PPuneet,Hahaa! I am glad I could be of help. :DSubhadip,Hehe.. but you ought to help! I can actually write a complete post on Life in a Metro – it's an essential part of life now.


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