A Defence!

9 thoughts on “A Defence!”

  1. The irony is that people do not see how several cities like Delhi have opened their arms to a million others. If those who find its behaviour and its people acrid, repulsing and perplexing its time they avoid the city as a whole.A city and its people are not like a buffet. You like it all or nothing.Manu Joseph might be residing in another part of India or even Dubai for that matter. Its important to note that cities do not develop by them selves. As for people like Manu I feel sorry for him and his understanding of people and culture.


  2. That guy is just a frustrated mumbaikar , more like those shiv sainiks and MNS guys who think that mumbai is diffrent frm rest of india and people frm UP and Bihar needs visa to visit. Delhi was the best, it is still, and will remain


  3. I am from Delhi and I am a Jat. I am proud of neither of these two facts as I realized I did not have anything to do with them.I do however love Delhi as it is the best city I have ever lived in. Love the people, love the food, love the winters!! (my own opinion)I do also love Jats in general because of their big hearts and care free attitudes.(And no they are NOT all rowdies)A perception of a city is always very personal and should be treated as the same. Although if your opinions are based on TV reports, just take care of the fact that TV statistics are usually either misleading or just plain fabricated.TV channels need desperately to term cities as “unsafe for women” or “corrupt” or “at unrest” and so on as they get an opportunity for making it a “big deal” every time they get one more such news.For statistics they will never take into consideration important figures like population density, standard of living(unless of course they need these to make their “statistics” sound interesting).All I would say about the matter is if you want to share your opinion please do so by stating that this is your opinion. Don't be bothered by other people's opinions as we know no city, state or country in the world is perfect.Choose one for yourself and settle down or go out explore new ones.Who else is tired of these so called representatives of cities fighting it out between themselves??


  4. I have lived in both the cities and what Mr. Joseph says holds true…for both the cities…..Mumbai is as bad as delhi…..Delhi has opened itself to the enterprising, the weak and the not so weak,,but mumbai…the people who survive are those who know people…when has mumbai in fair in giving the oppurtunities to the down…ohhh i forgot…MNS, shiv sena…that is the crux of mumbai…..Words which Mr. Joseph uses are way out of context…..Mumbai has underbelly of Mafia underworld…..Delhi has a history of being built again and agian and again……People in Delhi are large hearted, Mumbaikars are resilient…..its just a perspective of the people …. A city is made by people who live in it….saying that we dont drive people away from our city for coming to earn in our citywe embrace them….My sympathies with Mr. Joseph for proving that He is a dinosuar living in this world and it is people like these who do not understand the culture and heritage that need to be sent back to school for history lessons….


  5. Here's a point.First, there's a city. And then there are its people. People from a city MAY be undeserving, over privileged or just bad according to someone. But how does an entire city become bad?or undeserving??I hail from a small town (Varanasi in UP) and have lived in both Mumbai and Delhi…and I REFUSE to compare them. For the simple reason, that I do not believe in the task of over/undermining two cities of my own country. If either of them are not the best choice for living, I'd like to help create them both into better cities, as opposed to being vicious to either.


  6. yeah been having a non stop battle with my friends upon the same article, manu joseph is a sensationalist stereotyped man. dont take his BS to heart. haters will be haters..


  7. I completely agree with your defence. People like Manu Joseph who believe that “there is a Delhi mental condition which is incurable” are sick. Being a Delhiite, it annoys me why the city and its people are always referred to as pseudo intellectuals or backward 'gawaar', and its women as dumb high maintenance punjabi aunties, by people like Manu Joseph or Jug Suraiya. http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/jugglebandhi/entry/the-world-according-to-dilliCheck out this article. How ridiculous to describe the world according to Delhi in that manner…


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