Have You Ever?

6 thoughts on “Have You Ever?”

  1. Cant Believe it…..Since last many hours…i have been reading all posts of your blog….right from ur MBA entrance preparation days…….it is so vivid and engrossing….felt your life…I came across your blog while looking for interns/past employees of ASK Gurgaon…..stumbled upon ur post on Dr Aqeel Khan and Bindiya Rawat…..But..ended up reading almost all your posts……Is there any way i could ask a thing or two about ASK from you?


  2. Ujwal, That is nice to know. :)I happened to get a query about ASK from one Sumit Upadhyay too last night. Are you guys working together?In any case, you can write to me on richabhardwaj[at]gmail[dot]com. Would be happy to share whatever I know about ASK.


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