Treats You Well?

4 thoughts on “Treats You Well?”

  1. Something got me thinking of visiting your blog today. It's been a while. And I was welcomed by this blog post 🙂 You asked such a pertinent question – treats you well, isn't that like hygiene? It really got me thinking. I guess it is. That's what we love about people like our mom and dad and best friends. That they treat us well. And yet it's not a tick mark that everyone gets when it comes to partners – so ironic and I didn't realize it till you wrote it here! I'm glad it's something you can take for granted with him 🙂 It's so necessary and yet so rare. And come to think of it, it's perhaps the most important thing ever. Touch wood – stay happy always 🙂 You deserve nothing less than perfection. Lots of love.


  2. For a while, I was trying to write what Avantika has so articulately put in her. So many of us have been through relationships where being treated well could not be taken for granted. It feels good to hear these words said out loud. I wish you every happiness, always 🙂


  3. Thanks, Priyam. I am more hopeful about good things now. For everyone around me! You're one of the most wonderful people around me – and you remember my plans for you, right?


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