A Decade

2 thoughts on “A Decade”

  1. How has it been ten years already to the day we stepped onto our cloud-brimmed campus at Lavale! All of us complained so much about that place and yet I find today that it gave us precious things – a better understanding of ourselves, resilience, a stronger digestive tract and of course, friends for life. One thing in this post hit home more than anything else. Despite having travelled a lot when I was younger (of which I have limited, to no memories), for me travel started out from that Ajanta & Ellora trip. Bizarre to think that I didn't even want to go – but I went along because I didn't want you going alone. Best decision! 🙂


  2. I never got a notification for this lovely comment of yours!! Digestive tract – hell yeah! I thought I had cancer after having eaten there for two years! You're so right though. I didn't realise you came to A&E because you didn't want me to come alone. That is so sweet. Best decision, yes! Remember the creepy guys who followed us? :O


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