My London

11 thoughts on “My London”

  1. The food scene is quite amazing and apparently has only evolved in the last ten years. You can find everything from authentic regional Indian food to Peruvian/Georgian and all the other non-mainstream cuisines from around the world.


  2. the weather is fickle .. never been there.. but watched a lot of cricket … Wimbledon.. that is the end of my knowledge about London though… Pubs.. seems interesting..


  3. “People who talk too much” Haha how are we even friends :)But I know EXACTLY what you mean about the weather – it is such a natural reaction to reach out to the weather app and plan clothing, hair and commute accordingly. I've always been quite charmed by London whenever I've visited, but am yet to experience the non-touristy pubs. Maybe in 2019, eh?


  4. Finally got around to reading this.. it is so you, and so London! Beautifully written, I must say. And the contradictions you describe are so real, and probably make the city so much more charming. To the city we now call home!


  5. I was so conflicted in the small amount of time I spent in London. My first thought was it feels so crowded. This of course was as I lugged a wayyy too heavy suitcase across the too many stairs at tube stations and trafalgar square trying to locate my friend’s office (without his phone number – long story). But then I went walking along Thames in the middle of the night. And brunching. And generally absorbing the city. And it was beautiful. And expensive. And curt. But also so friendly. So much conflict that I still have no idea what I feel about London!


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